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Foreplay, petting, I LOVE THEM ALL THE TIME, ever since I started my first shy sexual approaches in my teens. It goes without saying, over time they have been less and less shy, gradually more determined, driven and confident, always looking, almost obsessively, to make the guy enjoy as much as possible, waiting to discover the feeling of having it inside! The petting was the only, almost desperate, alternative to the full relationship, that for me would arrive only three years after the beginning of my sexual life... My "first time" was almost 17 years old (I would have turned them four days later!) if you want, I will tell you the details in private!

When I was still a virgin, I liked to masturbate and lick my penis and neighboring areas for quarters of an hour. Knowing that we wouldn’t fuck, we practiced petting with much more emphasis and enthusiasm, much more than now!!

Once I started to fuck, I left out the petting, because, apart from the taste for novelty, and the taste for the new feeling of having it inside, (which changed every time I changed boyfriend, and its cock, of course!), they made me go "straight to the point"If you know what I mean!

And to this day, I prefer them after... you?
Why after? Because as I feel my tongue caress my neck and ears,  I lower myself to suck it quickly and with a lot of saliva to make it harden and moisten it so as not to hurt too much when it enters, to take it IMMEDIATELY...  When I fucked and came, maybe even more than once, then, SLOWLY, I dedicate myself to foreplay! On the other hand, is the right word!

When I feel particularly inspired, I start from the back of the neck, I like to blow on it and nibble on it (slowly, of course, I don’t want to leave marks, nor tear pieces), because I like to see goose bumps on the arms of those under me, hear his groans as he contracts and stretches his fingers on the sheets, and then move on to the cervical, always alternating light puffs with sighs and bites (always delicate), on the shoulders, shoulder blades, travel the spine to the coccyx, and then bite the buttocks firmly, and lick them, and then push me between the thighs and lick everything I find up to the navel, and go back up to the throat, running through the chest and sniffing and tickling the armpits... And all because I like to load it for the time (bang) next! That’s why I don’t like quickies!

Or, if I do not feel the urgency of feeling taken instantly, I like to do a nice massage with scented oil, but using the whole body, not only the hands! I use breasts a lot, especially on her back up to the buttocks... 

Yes, for me the preliminaries are also focused on the back, but don’t worry, if not expressly requested, I don’t make strange jokes, like surprise raids in areas with impassable limits! Unless an explicit request (better if accompanied by a declaration in stamp and signed!), I do not allow myself prostate massages, even if those who have tried them BY WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO WELL, have greatly appreciated them.

But I repeat again, if I am not asked, I do not allow anal penetrations! I like to put him on sheepskin duty to kiss the opening though, and on that I don’t transit... Sheep’s anus and perineum are reached and licked better, then get to the scrotum is a moment!  Who knows me knows that I would never allow myself such an unwelcome gesture! And once I’m under his thighs, he often nails me on the bed and returns my "courtesies" with a wild enthusiasm, almost with anger, as if he wanted to punish me! 

And then the 69!!!! That I try to do eeeeeeeeverytime as many times as I can! If I don’t do a 69 I don’t even seem to have fucked. In short, in my opinion, 69 is the minimum wage!!! Ce n'est pas? 

I have to say that since I started fucking, I missed penis masturbation a bit! In fact, I should find my hand a little (literally!), in fact I should start again to leave more room for petting, also because it prolongs the duration and improves the quality of the relationship! In short, only coitus, can last maybe even half an hour (maybe!), if you add gestures and attentions, small "experiments" time and chills can dilate, and add DESIRE to both... 

What do you think?

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Mistress Masha


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