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Dearest passed a good weekend, how are you, did you have a rest? !
Today I would like to talk to you about the 5 senses, sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing!

1) Which one shall I start with? But from your favourite, SIGHT!!! At least, 95% of the time it's sight that is the preferred sense of men, are you in this nice slice too? 

Why sight? I don't know exactly (forgive me, but I can't know everything!) but the fact is that it's what you prefer, in fact  I'm constantly being asked for photos and videos... Of course, I'm not the only one to have these requests, but so be it...  In 'The Silence of the Lambs' Lecter explained to Clarice how sight creates desire and Clarice, in her infinite perspicacity  and a game of sequential logic, was able to identify the maniac on duty...

By watching, you have a chance to understand precisely what the woman is feeling about having that big man inside her,  or how much that man is enjoying making her his with all the power he is capable of! And you get to empathise with the  situation....

Am I wrong?  
I'll confess: I like to watch too. I like to watch two guys love each other and kiss, or make love, or an orgy where women  are outnumbered.... 

2) Touch: how much I like to use this sense, to feel his skin and be able to distinguish it according to the specific body  part, its softness, how warm or cool it is, how hard it is or if I can still work on improving it... or even just a silk scarf...  Touch, not only of the hands but of the skin in its entirety, is a somewhat neglected sense, clouded if you like, because  the lion's share is done by sight, and that is why, in my opinion, we should blindfold ourselves from time to time, to 'switch off' sight and 'enhance' the other senses, like touch, precisely! And then you can develop it EVERYWHERE:  when I fuck several men together, I like to discover the identity by using only my pussy when it is penetrated...

3) Taste: I don't know about you but I like to eat, to eat well, and not a little but good, LOTS and good, it goes without  saying, I detest restaurants where the portions are lager, 2 forks and you're done, just to dirty the plate and spend a  fortune!

At least once in a lifetime we should reenact the scene of 9 weeks and mes to enjoy and share the experience of food  mixed with surprise with those you love or who just plain get you horny as hell!!! And above all, I've learnt to "season"  the parts concerned with various ingredients, I prefer sweets, cream, honey, syrups (the mint one smeared on the glans  gives an ice effect that contrasts with the heat of the mouth... Here, when I want to make him come fast I use mint  syrup!!! Try it and let me know!) Another thing I discovered is the lubricating gel, I found an AMAZING one, Japanese,  on a really nice site,, among other things not very expensive, which made me do and feel tactile  sensations (and taste and smell!!!) really incredible, these Japanese really know more than the devil!!!

4) The sense of smell: well, I hate skin that only smells more like perfume and/or aftershave!!! But, despite the gym, can't  you sweat anymore? I like to smell the skin that smells like a person and not like an aseptic dummy, this does not mean  that "si ll'omo è omo ha ddà puzzà" be clear, but less than ever the aseptic dummy effect, the scent of the skin MUST  remind me of the person with whom I fucked (good or bad!) because it is also from the scent that you understand the  degree of unconscious compatibility that a person can arouse in the other!!! So if artificial perfume takes over, it's like  shielding an important part of the person I come into contact with, for whatever reason! Almost like a moustache or a  wig on a face or even a photoshop touch-up, if you know what I mean!

5) Hearing: it's the death of me, what am I telling you? I've built a career on this sense, I LIKE to hear a man enjoying  himself, or his crescendo, maybe with his eyes closed (how cumbersome this sight is!!!), it satisfies me to know that only  with my hearing I can force you, for your wife's happiness, to redecorate the living room... For me, being able to make  you enjoy yourself only by using your hearing, the sense you use the least in sex - it's tested! - is a huge boost to your self esteem!

Through hearing alone your mental fantasy can reach incredible heights and satisfy you as much as (or more, if your  important relationship is getting tired) a real relationship... Do you support this?

Bottom line? In my opinion, dear man, you should set aside your sight, either in complete darkness or with those light  travel masks, and give and restore space to the other four senses, which, alas, over time and thanks to strict rules of good  manners, we have neglected and almost forgotten, but I assure you that the other senses also have much to give... Of  course, you should not be in a hurry, THAT? love meeting (or just sex) must be done calmly to give time and space to  the other senses to resurface and resuscitate (in this sense I would advise against the lunch break after the sandwich and  coffee) to give you sensations that have nothing to envy to those of sight, a bit 'make it strange' if you will, but definitely  less pure dynamics and more emotional involvement even if you do not intend to fuck her once more...

Will you let me know? I'm curious!!! +393496521447 

Good day, M. Masha! 


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