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person Posted By: Mistress Masha

Hello everyone and FORGIVE the long silence, but my logistical quarrels have lasted longer than expected and have not allowed me to take care of YOU, can you ever forgive me? I hope so...

With this extra article I want to inform you that in this month and a half I have continued to think about You, but above all to devise and seek new ideas for You to enjoy, besides on the phone with the classic conversation, also in other ways, some even sympathetically risky (for the slaves or would-be slaves, above all) that may fall outside the classic method...

But let me illustrate what my mind has come up with....

The first, THE DIRECTIONS... Well, yes, I have found a wonderful and superbly endowed volunteer who will be happy to let you in on our INFUENCED encounters, (clearly always audio!). You will hear us panting, kissing, hear our words and moans, listen to our orgasms... He will explain what I am doing to him, how I am sucking him off and where, I will tell you how good he is with his cock, which inside me turns into an endless beam that makes me squirt with every stroke, and we will be available to do anything you want to hear... we will be happy to let you participate in our titanic feats (or dirty! ) that go on for never less than 2 hours, and listening in turn to how good we have been at making you enjoy us will make us start again more eager than before!... You will know well in advance, of course, and it will be outside the usual working hours, from 11 p.m. onwards, usually on weekends... So, prepare well and sharpen your ears! And if you won't be able to be there live, I can save a moment to send you when you have a chance to listen (and re-listen) at leisure... It may be when he is entering me for the first time, or while I am drinking him, or while he is licking me, whichever you prefer... Ask and it will be given to you, AMEN!  

Another way is PERSECUTION! In the USA it is very popular and widespread! In what does it consist? In being all over you, quietly and discreetly, but ALWAYS BEING there, to maintain a constant level of arousal! In what way? Well, on the phone, that's obvious! You start in the morning, early, as soon as you wake up you take your phone to the bathroom and read the first little tasks I assign you.... Nothing much but to be done with the utmost precision and care, slavishly, and on proof, then you send me the photo so that I can verify that what I ordered you was done properly, in the time and manner I ordered, then you continue mid-morning, and then on your lunch break, a couple of times in the afternoon, before you get home while you're parking, and again in the elevator, a moment before you put the key in the keyhole, or while you're showering in the gym with your soccer buddies next door, and always with the photo to attach... 

Or you can have the privilege of having my underwear with my aromas and humors... It can be the pantyhose I put on at the gym to sweat, burn and fatigue better and more, and if need be I can even wear it for several days; or the thong put on at a club night or private party, so you can inadvertently feel, smell and lick even the cum of who knows who, as well as my essence, sweat and a few ammonia drops... I can send everything without knowing your identity (I don't care for it and have never found it prudent! ) to the good old mail-stop... Excuse me? Of course it always works! It would be a crime to lose this ingenious method of contact, which is direct but maintains total anonymity! And if you don't know how it works, I'll be happy to explain it to you!

And then there is the course for aspiring butlers, in which I teach you remotely (like Radio Electra School, remember?) how to make you the perfect butler for the most demanding Mistress you will meet in real life! How? Again, by sending you via whats app instructions and orders, but more complicated and time-consuming and risky than simple stalking... You know, the perfect butler is elite, it is a gift that few have, and to even come close, the training MUST be arduous--very few get through it, a bit like Marine training--and the blame for failures will always lie solely with the aspirant, with no possibility of appeal! What do you say, will you take up the challenge? 

On one thing I will never relent, to show up, not even with a mask, I am a voice, and I want to remain one, so all the audio you want, but NO VIDEO CALLS, NO VIDEO SENDING, etc. Understood? At my discretion, sending a picture now and then, just only if I feel that maybe you can deserve it....        

But I will be happy to tell you more about the details, and for that you can just call 349.6521447!

Have a good week, 

M.Masha, +393496521447.


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