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Dear acolyte, good return! How are you, you rested? Was it a pleasant summer? You socialized (and "given") so much? I want to know your summer adventures! Will you tell me about them? I hope so, but now we are back here, to resume the daily routine... How sad... SIGH!!!

But let’s return the smile with a topic that we know well and maybe we could deepen in a nice and constructive!

Meanwhile, it is not true that one becomes blind! Let us free ourselves from this cultural/religious heritage that has given to our ancestors (and also today’s 60 and beyond) oceanic doses of free anxiety over the centuries! That then, if we want, was the opposite! A healthy "dexterity" preserved from the risk of encounters with people infected by syphilis and so on. Syphilis, THAT led to blindness, if not cured or treated badly, nothing but stories! In short, if confessors had had a sound and sensible vision of things they could not but approve the thought "I masturbate and avoid the young lady so well dressed and fragrant (hopefully not too much, because too much perfume served to cover the smell of dirt) that for a few coins satisfies me - badly and hastily, rarely the average citizen had a comfortable place to fuck, Most of the hustlers were almost always standing up, leaning against walls in dark, dirty and smelly alleys - and in return he leaves me the kiss of something, which when I understand what it is, it’s good that it’s late..." Until the early 900 mica there was the social state of today, doctors and medical care COST "for on the seriously"... Cheerful times those, other than that!

But we come to our days (THANK GOD we had escaped!!!)

How do masturbate me, how much, when, how, where, why, how often? 

Forgive this itchy impertinence, but curiosity makes me almost inopportune!

Or maybe you’d rather know how I practice it, about me and him... 

Then, in my specific case, being clitoral, I don’t really appreciate finger penetration! By the way, the only thing I want inside of me is the penis! Even more than one, for goodness sake, you die avarice (it happened to me, if you call me I’ll tell you) Small, big, long, short, wide or narrow, young, old, it does not matter, as long as they are real dicks who want to have fun and behave properly inside me! No dildos, no vibrators, no plastic things, God forbid I get out of those things there, I’ll only consider them when I’m too old and ugly for anyone to be attracted to me again! And at that point (I think/I hope!!) my hormones and cravings will also have retired, so in the end the problem does not exist! 

I have never been able to explain the feeling of intolerable loneliness, almost of defeat, that vibrators (and inflatable dolls for men!) transmit to me! I think I’ll have to talk to my therapist! 

Actually I also like the whole outline, the body in its entirety, the warmth, the smell and the taste, the chest, the arms, the pelvis that crushes me, the legs that intertwine... This stuff that moves (even well, for goodness sake and as long as there are batteries) just no, THANKS!   

So, as a pure clitoris, in the absence of a shower (then I’ll explain!), I just prefer to massage my clitoris! Yes, just what you see on the profile photo of whatsapp! Massage it with the shower, or with your fingers, perhaps seasoned with a few lukewarm drops of scented oil, which can almost give the effect of a tongue, wonderful, generous, wise and patient...

Oops, sorry... a little "defaillance"... I’ll be back soon and I promise that if you call me, I’ll tell you everything in detail...

Here I am! I said? Well, yes, I only massage my clitoris, nothing else... 

What makes me masturbate, when, where, how often?

The frequency meanwhile, I think is higher in winter, practically every day, against the cold, to warm and relax my whole body in spite of the rigid temperature that also stiffens me, especially under the blankets still cold, just before falling asleep, Orgasm makes me sleep. 

In summer less, perhaps because the heat knocks me down a bit and the effort of orgasm tires me further! In fact, the frequency is reduced to 2/3 times a week, and I masturbate only in the late evening or early morning, when the heat still does not beat too much! 

Where? In bed, on the sofa, on a hammock ... However lying down, comfortable, but lying a priori, I do not go to lie down on purpose, (except a little while ago, the last famous words!)  I am in bed or hammock in the country house for a nap after lunch, or the evening before I fall asleep, I think of the day passed, things done and resolved, those to finish and the next day, the commitments of the next day, then comes the phone call with the customer who has the right voice, that excites me, and the thoughts begin to wander and I start to touch and enjoy with him...

What are the fantasies? Reading for example excites me a lot, some romance novel from tooth decay strangely, on me, has a decidedly portentous effect... And then the right dick! Whether it’s right to the point (I masturbate even while I fuck!) or the memory of the fuck, some good movie, a "wild orchid" (only the first!), an "original sin", Terminator, surely not the italian movies 70’s with Alavaro, Renzo, Pippo and Edwige, Gloria and Nadia!

But it can also be the memory of an evening in a private club some time before in which I had fun with some single or couple, where, however, the imagination makes me meet also the neighbor and the manager of the supermarket where I usually shop, who followed me from home to celebrate me, there, away from prying eyes! Or the time that hitchhiking I met the guy I almost fell in love with and that took me to a pine forest of which I ignored the existence and that did not stop kissing! Or the party in the villa with all those couples and singles...

My much experience, the imagination and the contents I acquire through the films and the readings give me a baggage of emotions that in the end I always remain breathless even when I fuck with the right one!

One thing that drives me crazy is masturbating in front of a man who masturbates and sometimes puts it on me to give me just a few shots and then come back to masturbate, and kissing us in a lascivious way...

Oh God, again... Excuse me, I’ll be back soon (again)...

Here I am... trying to say?

When did I first masturbate? 

Actually there were two first times! One was in the shower! Let me explain better! I have two ways to masturbate, the shower jet and fingers!

I accidentally discovered the shower when I was 15. To wash myself I use soap because I hate the bath foam, because of that patina, is skimming that takes me a lot of time to rinse properly (and more seriously, it makes me waste so much of that water!), even on the surface of skin "flat"arms, back, shoulders, legs, let alone between the thighs with all those folds, I’m bath foam never went away, so I had taken the habit of lying in the tub and pass the jet between the thighs to rinse better even the intimate area. It passes and passes and in the end I found this feeling so pleasant that I started to pass the jet in the right way to the point to enjoy and almost faint... I swear, immediately after the orgasm for a moment I saw everything black and only gradually I returned to myself and at that point I looked incredulously at the jet almost with awe, I closed the water and died there... That is, the showers have inexplicably intensified from one every 2/3 days to every day, even when I replaced the bubble bath with soap! Even now, if I find a new house, the first thing I check is that there is a bathtub and I change the shower... 

The second first time I was 23 years old, I was at the beach with friends, a situation from common promiscuous type children of flowers, the "love us all togheter" there I met a friend of friends, Mark, 37 years old, tantra instructor and reiki, with which, through a series of vicissitudes I found myself dividing the room and the bed (double).

After lunch, we went to take a nap, but without anything to portend who knows what, I found him nice and I laughed and joked willingly, all there, I did not feel any kind of attraction, we were lying on the bed, there was a breeze so cool, that carried the scent of the sea along with I don’t know what other scent of flowers and grass, continuing to talk, I don’t know how, we started kissing and he started masturbating my clitoris without penetrating me, and I don’t know, probably thanks to his professional skills, they must have unlocked something in those parts, so in the end (actually a few minutes) he managed to make me come, to me, me, that until that moment I had never succeeded in the intent, if not with the shower! It opened a world to me!!! Since that moment I have not stopped, also because in the meantime I had changed house and in the new house there was only the shower with the showerhead fixed high on the wall, a tragedy! But patience, by now I had learned to use my fingers!

On the other hand, Marco in the following days, taught me some tricks to masturbate a man who, even there, opened other worlds for me... 

I do not tell you how and for how long I thanked him, even after the holiday!   

In the end I think thanks to Marco that was one of the most beautiful holidays I’ve ever had... Years later, we are friends and we still feel now! 

What else to say? Ah yes, how do I like masturbating men? Well, since I’m a jerk, I’ll explain it in detail in the phone call you will make me, what Marco taught me and that at the right time prodigal even live, I’m sure you will be grateful to him too!




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